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The Siam Sak Yant

The Siam has integrated an ancient Thai tradition with the recent opening of a specially consecrated space devoted to the inking of sacred tattoos.

Known as Sak Yan in Thai (and popularly spelt Sak Yant even though the t is always silent), the magical-religious designs in black ink can be traced back to their use among animistic Tai tribes in southwestern China and northwestern Vietnam two millennia ago.

Along the way the intricate patterns, which run the gamut from purely geometric sigils to vivid animal or deity figures, picked up Brahmanist and Buddhist content as well.

Yant is a traditional form of tattooing magical ancient geometric and deity symbols with Buddhist prayers onto the body.  These yants impart magical powers for luck, protection, charisma, fortune and other powers onto the wearer.

Ajarn Boo inks all tattoos by hand using traditional khem.  To address concerns about hygiene, he screws disposable needle tips onto the traditional needle shaft.

Ajarn’s recommendation is to begin with a simple Hah Taew (5 Line Yant) or Gao Yord (9 Line Yant) to ensure that guests can handle the nature of the experience.

Sak Yant from Ajarn Boo at The Siam starts from THB 30, 000++ for a smaller design to THB 60,000++ for a larger one.  The cost includes tattooing supplies with new needles, offerings for the master, and simultaneous translation between Ajarn Boo and the guest.

Advance reservations are highly recommended. 

Please contact for special requests.

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