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Spiritual Bangkok: Talismans, Tattoos & Religion

Take a mini city tour of the spiritual and mystic side of Bangkok, with a focus on religious shrines, spiritual art and local worship ceremonies.

Areas include: Amulet Markets, Giant Swing, Wat Suthat, Bang Luang Mosque.

One can learn a great deal about Thailand, its belief system, and the life of everyday Thais by looking beneath the surface of the city, in the spirit shrines, amulet markets, tattoo houses, and other symbols that connect the people and their faiths.

From Chinese shrines to Brahmin deities, picturesque mosques and talismans galore, multi-faith Thailand offers fascinating windows into the diverse beliefs of the people.

Travel is by boat, foot, tuk-tuk, or deluxe van support if required.

Option: Visit a renowned sak yant (sacred tattoo) master at the Siam Studio. Consulting session fees apply for private bamboo tattoo service.

Program includes: Snacks, drinking water, soft drinks, cool towels, all entrances fees, transport costs and a professional host.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Please ask your butler to make the arrangements.


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