Reflect, Recharge & Realign


Reflect, Recharge & Realign

As the year draws to a close, embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation with The Siam’s exclusive wellness programme. Featuring bespoke treatments by some of the top yoga and reconnective healing practitioners in Asia, the programme is designed to provide opportunities for you to take a step back, recalibrate and recharge with a range of techniques that heal and relax the mind, body and soul.

Mutsumi followed the Japanese Shingo Esoterism teaching and became a lay disciple. She is also a certified Great Vinaya master. Mutsumi promotes holistic energy hearings and other modalities of healing to help people to discover self and walk the path of awareness.

Memory Therapy 
60 minutes & 45 minutes | THB 11,000++
60 minutes | THB 6,000++

The treatment utilises tuning forks that create sound waves that alter the vibration or muscle memory, releasing blockages inside the body. This is followed by Craniosacral Therapy that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum, alleviating stress, tension and pain.

Cranial Sacral
60 minutes | THB 5,000++

A gentle, non-invasive but powerful healing modality that has proven beneficial for a variety of conditions – including headaches, chronic pain, sinus conditions and more.

Tarot Card Reading 
45 minutes | THB 3,000++

Gain insight into your life situation, relationships and financial matters through Tarot card readings that reveal the workings of interconnectedness and synchronicity.