The Siam Wellness Programme


4-Day, 3-Night Wellness Programme

With the support of our globally renowned yogi and Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Adrish Brahmadatta, an extensive selection of programmes is available and can be carefully tailored to your specific needs.

  • 4-day, 3-night stay in a Siam Suite
  • Daily half board including soft drinks
  • Wellness consultation
  • Sauna & steam

Plus your choice of the following packages:

  • The Siam Ayurveda 5 ayurveda, 2 hrs yoga
  • The Siam Wellness 2 ayurveda, 3 hrs yoga, 1.5 hrs reiki, 1.5 hrs meditation
  • The Siam Yoga 6 hrs yoga, 1.5 hrs reiki, 1 hr meditation, 3 x 60 minute daily treatment

The Siam Wellness Programme starts from 69,000++ Thai Baht for one person and 99,000++ Thai Baht for two persons. (Rate excludes 17.7% taxes and service charge)

Relaxation and Purification with Meditation

Recognising the importance of balancing the inner mind, Dr Adrish works to reach the deepest point of meditative relaxation and intuitive insight. With a variety of classes at disposal, from Yoga Nidra and Antar Mauna to Kyasthairayam and Trataka meditation, guests are guided to reach relaxation, purification and calmness, further enhancing memory and concentration.

Reduced Stress with Reiki Healing

Reiki is known worldwide for its ability to restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Developed by a Japanese Buddhist back in 1922, Reiki is an energy therapy that helps the body’s inner remarkable healing capabilities to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, thus increasing overall feelings of peace and calmness. Following a course of Reiki Healing, many guests have said to have seen a significant improvement in their immune system. Dr Adrish is trained in the art of Reiki Healing as well as Marma massage.

Improved Poise and Strength with Yoga

With similar benefits to massage, Yoga allows renewed blood to flow freely to overused muscles. Aiming to increase flexibility and mobility, the range of yoga classes on offer target the core muscles that mainly cause stress or immobility from work. Classes at The Siam include Asana and Pranayama with postures of Hatha Yoga that highlights the importance of breathing. Also on offer is the Surya Namaskar, an important early morning ritual to energise the body and mind. For advanced students looking to further improve strength, stamina and flexibility, Asthanga Vinyasa classes can also be arranged. To fully complete the rejuvenation process, freshly-made exotic juices and infusions are available after every yoga workout.

Ayurvedic Guidance

This ancient system of medicine with long-standing roots in India has become increasingly popular as the preferred alternative to traditional medicine. The Siam’s commitment to personal body and mind renewal is strengthened with the introduction of certified life coaching and nutrition betterment sessions by Dr Adrish. The journey begins with a consultation where the most appropriate course of Ayurvedic treatments is chosen, including medicine, Panchakarma (detox), diet and lifestyle changes. Two key treatments include the Abhyanga and Pinda Sweda which focus on rejuvenation, mental harmony and deep relaxation.

  • Cancellation notification must be received at least 21 days prior to arrival.
  • If cancellation notification is received less than 21 days prior to arrival, cancellation fee of whole stay period will be applied.
  • Whole stay period rate will be charged for no show bookings.